Silbury from the south-east quadrant of the Avebury Henge

A view of Silbury not possible all year due to crop growth. The monument can just be seen on the skyline between the stone on the left in the south-east quadrant of the Avebury Henge and the stone on the right in the south-west quadrant. If Silbury were originally higher it would have been more easily seen from this point in the circle. It might be argued however that Waden Hill was slightly higher in the Neolithic and is now somewhat reduced due to heavy ploughing. If Waden Hill was also wooded at that time that too would have cancelled out the view of the monument from within the circle.

Rethinking Silbury

"One of the advantages of living on the edge of a World Heritage Site, is that you occasionally get to see the latest activity and research in action."

An excellent (independent) report here - on English Heritage's excavations at 'Later Silbury'. It rather puts to shame the sporadic, lack of detail, and very lack lustre 'reports' on the official EH team blog (see below).