Silbury Films

Silbury Dig: The Heart of the Mound.

BBC 2 Chronicle Series.
First Broadcast 27 July 1968.
Duration 39 minutes 12 seconds.

"Silbury is one of the largest prehistoric earthworks in Europe, possibly dating to 2400BC. In this programme, originally broadcast live, Magnus Magnusson meets the archaeologists who have uncovered a tunnel that leads into the heart of the mound."

Channel 4 News. 24 Oct 2007.
Duration 4 minutes 31 seconds.

The Hill with a Hole (or The Silbury Hill Conservation Project).

English Heritage. 10 June 2010.
Duration 9 minutes 5 seconds.

"A film produced by Chris Corden Productions for English Heritage that includes work taking place within the re-opened 1849/1968/69 tunnels at Silbury Hill."

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Book reviews. Silbury: Resolving the Enigma by Michael Dames

"This is a colourful, readable and fascinating personal reinterpretation of a unique monument. As a set of hypotheses it is credible, and as a piece of literature it is a joy. Michael Dames knows and loves our land itself at least as well as anybody else alive."

Professor Ronald Hutton, Bristol University.

Published by The History Press Ltd. Paperback:192 pages.
ISBN-10: 0752454501. ISBN-13: 978-0752454504.